Wadleigh Language Consulting offers English academic essay editing for any thesis, academic journal submission, Statement of Purpose (SOP), CV / resume, Personal Statement / Personal History Statement (PS or PHS), or Letters of Motivation, Intent, or Recommendation (LoM / LoI / LoR). In addition we offer a range of English tutorial, research and proofreading services whatever might be your need, including English business marketing content and immigration documents.

In one form or another Wadleigh Language Consulting has been serving clients, assisting them to attain optimal results in their language-related efforts and communications for more than 12 years.

With a long history of more than a thousand successful cases where clients have gained entry to top tier graduate programs around the world, managed to get their academic theses approved by and published in leading academic journals within their fields of expertise, and assisted with producing and even researching the marketing and informational content of a myriad of enterprises, we are here to assist you to achieve your dreams in a proactive and personal manner.

Though our focus has remained on a base of clients from Taiwan, we have assisted clients from dozens of countries, and offer discounted and occasional pro bono work to those who are deserving of such assistance around the world. Our IELTS writing students can see a one bandwidth improvement in only one tutorial session.

We can and have assisted clients successfully in applying for residency or political asylum as well. With our assistance clients have won Fulbright and Erasmus Scholarships and many hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of financial assistance from their target universities.

Language is power, and we never tire of empowering our ethically-minded clients in pursuing their dreams in life. Whatever you need that is language related just Consult Wadleigh!

Welcome to the Official Website of Wadleigh Language Consulting

“Once a full client, we are always a good friend to you.” 

Wadleigh Language Consulting operates under an assumption that people deserve the best honest service possible for the least cost passed to clients.

Despite rising costs, requiring us to raise our rates, we are still dedicated to you as a person and your goals and dreams, not your pocketbook. In essence, we are an undeclared, non-profit NGO.

All clients will be honestly considered and given an honest, realistic assessment of their efforts. To get started simply send your work request to us by email or if you are using our most popular service, follow the seven steps below.

How to use our service

Seven steps mainly for English Academic Essay Editing clients

Step one

for either English academic essay editing services or any other service, is to make initial contact with us via email at consult.wadleigh@zohomail.com  in English or Chinese – or even another language if you feel so inclined. In your email briefly introduce yourself and indicate the assistance you are looking for. You may attach any relevant documents as well. We will try to respond to this email directly indicating our ability to take new cases or clients within 24 hours if not immediately. In regard to our other services we will ask you to answer a set of questions in regard to your work request which will be included in our email reply. Please answer those questions honestly and fully for greatest efficiency and our mutual benefit. Please note: We will inform you in writing if we are able to accept your case and include a quotation for services requested in our follow-up response.

Step Two

is to make direct contact with us personally via Telegram, and follow t.me/ConsultWadleigh to get in direct contact. If you happen to have issues with Telegram, Kakao Talk or possibly LINE are alternatives.  Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We often will recommend and forward seasonal documents and our channels for further information.

Step Three

-again for English academic essay editing services, is to book a free initial consultation via Telegram to discuss your case, documents or concerns. (Please note that some clients would like to forgo this step and merely submit a document – however that is inefficient and would not allow us to meet our service goals nor provide detailed feedback on our completed work. So, this step must not be skipped!) If your case requires in excess of 20 minutes discussion, we recommend booking a full consultation with the rate depending on the economy you operate in and the intricacy of your case. (Do not forget to inquire about service packages, such as our 250 or 350$ USD full service grad school application assistance!)

For all other clients, seeking tutorial or business consultations we encourage you to book a full hour of consultation in advance at the pro-rated reduced rate.  

Step four

-is to make the initial payment for English academic essay editing, proofreading and tutorial services due or rendered. Please see this list of services and fees and payment channels available. (LINK)
For all other clients the payment of fees for services is negotiable.

Roughly speaking, for primary application documents USD $20 + .06 per word is our current standard editing fee for return of edited documents in 7 to 10 days, and for secondary application documents $14 + .04 per word is the rate. Thus, a 1,000 word SoP would cost USD $80, while a 500 word CV would cost only $34. Prices are subject to change due to economic conditions, exchange rates, discounts and for merit.

All other edited documents are assessed on a case by case basis.

Step Five

is completion of English academic essay editing services. Please remain diligent in monitoring your Telegram notifications throughout the assessment and editing process because questions sometimes arise as edits are in progress. Editorial notes and annotation will be provided using audio clips via Telegram free of any additional charge. Follow-up consultations to address any questions the clients may have can and should be booked to fulfill our service remit. Written questions about services render will be fielded and responded to in writing when necessary however for the sake of efficiency audio clips will be offered in response as a preference. For all other clients, we will provide a proposed working plan via email along with our quotation, depending upon your preference we can have ongoing consultations or not.

Step Six

is final payment for all the services rendered for English academic essays edited that were not covered in the initial billing and payment at the start of our service. First, an informal list of charges will be provided for clients’ approval and agreement, discounts assessed and final payment information provided, (see also our Prices page). A formal bill can be issued upon request.

However, Taiwan-based institutional clients, please be aware that we do NOT offer a fa-piao that can be used to ask for reimbursement from various authorities in Taiwan as we are not registered as a business in the “R.O.C.”

Step Seven

is feedback and final assessments. We really need all of our clients to give us confidentially detailed feedback on the results of their efforts. If an application or thesis for example fails to garner the result intended, we stand by our work and will return to the case free of charge, at discount or offering half priced services on follow-up efforts – when and if the client has indeed implemented our edits and recommendations in the documents involved. (It happened recently that a long-term editing client re-submitted a manuscript and we found only maybe 20% of the edits that we had provided them firmly implemented in the opening section. In this case we refused to render further service understandably.) We are also offering discounts to future clients referred to us by clients in good standing directly via email or social media account in writing. (A client in good standing is one who has not opted to work for any corporations involved in “canceling” our enterprise. Therefore any employees of Meta are barred from our services.)

We hope that this complete list of steps outlining clearly how to use our service will encourage you to “Consult Wadleigh” without hesitation.